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Young Adult Offender Program

This program is a diversion program for first time offenders between the ages of 16 and 25. This program allows young adults to learn from their choices and to develop tools to make better decisions in the future. If the program is successfully completed with no other charges, the case is submitted to the District Attorney for dismissal. Dismissal through this program avoids a criminal record and is less than the cost of court.

Young Adult Offenders may be referred by the magistrate, District Attorney, or Judges from court. Cases can also be referred by defense attorneys pending approval from the District Attorney.

There is a $95 fee for the Young Adult Offender Program.
*$60.00 to be paid to the Clerk of Court for dismissal of charges and
*$35 to be paid to the Mediation Center for the life skills workshop.

Including but not limited to:
• Simple Affray
• Disorderly Conduct
• Misdemeanor Larceny
• Trespassing
• Possession of Marijuana up to 1/2oz
• Possession of Paraphernalia
• Drinking under age of 21
• Consumption of Alcohol in Public

• Intake Appointment
• Pay Program Fee $95
• Participate in 4hr Life Skills Workshop
• Write Formal Letter of Apology
• Complete 24hrs of Community Service